About Us

The Michigan Council of Caravans promotes the joint cooperation of the various Alhambra Caravans located throughout Michigan and the Great Lakes Region.
By working together as a region, we have made St. Francis Camp on the Lake a premier summer camp destination for differently-abled people.
 Through joint effort we also maintain Alhambra House and are able to host a number of large scale activities/events throughout the year.

Board of Directors

Fr. Paul Ballien
Supreme Chaplain

Father Paul K. Ballien

Patricia Plotkowski
Supreme Director

GC Patricia Plotkowski

Don Collom
Regional Treasurer

PGC Don Collom


Michigan Council of Caravans meetings are held on the first Monday of the month and alternate between the following East and West side locations. Consult the Calendar for the correct meeting location.

St Justin Catholic Church

George F Monaghan Council