Alhambra Day at the Shrine Circus

On behalf of our Circus Chairpersons, John Vella, VSC Cliff Dake, PSSc Gary DeCarlo

I would like to say thank you to all that made today’s “2022 Alhambra Day at the Shrine Circus” a success on March 31, 2022! It was our first "Shrine Circus" event since 2019 due to the covid pandemic.

We had over 1200 guests enter the doors at Suburban Collection Showplace.

Our crew consisted of Alhambra, K of C, Shriners, Stellantis, GM, St. John Neumann and many friends of Alhambra. We greeted, unloaded, seated, served and put on many smiles on the faces of God’s Special People!

Thank you so very much for your time and dedication!

Also, we need to give special thanks to:

Our Honorary Ring Master Macomb County Prosecutor Pete Lucido and Channel 2 news Charlie Langton. Check out the Fox 2 News report:

  • Thanks to US Foods and Mark Minnick who donated hot dogs and buns.

  • Thanks to Northern Haserot and Steve Schmoeger who donated water and cookies.

  • Special thanks to EPOCH Hospitality and Matthew Herschler and Paul Hess. EPOCH was instrumental in making food donations happen, supplying the chefs to cook our guests food, …

  • Suburban Collection Showplace and Riley Stechschultz, it has been great working with you.

  • Shriners, it has been another great event! Thanks for helping us out with a reduced rate for booking the circus show.

Thanks again and looking forward to 2023 Alhambra day at the Shrine Circus!

John Vella, VSC Cliff dake, PSSc Gary DeCarlo

Thanks for all that you do!