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2019 Alhambra Day at the Shrine Circus

posted Mar 4, 2019, 8:40 PM by Alhambra RegionVI   [ updated Mar 4, 2019, 8:42 PM ]
2019 Alhambra Circus Photos
On Valentine’s Day, 2019 the southeast Michigan Alhambra Caravans treated over 4000 of GOD’s Special people to a fun filled day at the 2019 Circus. The Suburban Showplace in Novi, Michigan has added an inside arena that was able to include high wire acts due to a high ceiling. An Oasis was included for volunteers after the show on the balcony above the arena also catered by DeCarlo’s.
As in the past, 24 Alhambrans and their friends started the day at DeCarlo’s Banquet Hall where over 4000 hot dogs were cooked, and placed in special bags to keep them warm for transit to the Suburban Showplace. At the venue, other Alhambrans and their guests  distributed these hot dogs along with Animal crackers and water bottles that were staged on Wednesday, the day before the Circus.
The new arena provided a much improved parking and entry into the facility that now includes a full 3-Rings for the different acts.